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About us

Based in Los Angeles, California, Bombsquad Inc. is an award winning US-Swedish technology development firm and boutique new technology incubator.

Originally founded in Sweden in 2009, Bombsquad quickly became a leading European development firm. As the company’s client base grew beyond Europe, in 2013 the company began making plans to expand to the US to better serve its US customer base as well as to take advantage of the USA’s fast growing market for technology development and innovation services. In 2014 Bombsquad opened its doors in Hollywood, California. Lead by a talented team of designers and developers, Bombsquad’s client list now spans diverse industries across North American and Europe. Today, large scale enterprises, including many of the world’s leading brands utilize Bombsquad’s services.

What we do

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Bombsquad specializes in large scale full spectrum application and social media development, including technology management outsourcing services, project management, web design / CSS / WordPress, multi-platform mobile development, e-commerce / ERP /inventory management systems, API development, network infrastructure / security reviews, database design & administration and cloud based hosting solutions.

As an incubator, Bombsquad offers the benefits of a team with extensive global technology management experience, with well known track records for innovation and success.

With experience at all levels of the technology product lifecycle, the Bombsquad’s services are especially well suited to those start-up and mid-level social media and online services innovators looking to scale their ideas to the prototype phase and beyond.

Adobe Design Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) AWS Rackspace Azure Agile Methods and Design Patterns Alexandra Android Development AngularJS Apache ASP.NET Apex (Salesforce) BerkeleyDB C++ C# .NET Cassandra Cacti CDN (All) CentOS CouchBase CouchDB CSS 3 Debian Drupal Durandal ElasticSearch F# Fedora FreeBSD Gentoo Google Search Appliance Google Analytics Google Cloud Messaging Hack Hadoop HBase HTML 5 HyperDex iOS Development Java JavaScript Joomla jQuery Lighttpd Linux Lucene Magento MariaDB Memcached Microsoft SQL Server Microsoft Windows Microsoft IIS Modernizer MongoDB MooTools MySQL Nagios Network Administration Network Architecture Nginx Node.js NoSQL OpenBSD Perl PHP PostgreSQL Python RabbitMQ+ Redis RHEL Scala SignalR Software Architecture SQLite Squid Ubuntu Underscore Varnish Web Application Security Windows Mobile Wordpress

Bombsquad Labs

We’re always looking for new projects and new ideas - ideas we can bring to life. 

Bombsquad’s entrepreneurial drive sets the company apart and is its true focus, with its fee-for-service efforts playing only a supporting role to the company’s primary focus of developing new products and services. Our incubator participants and projects are able to leverage the company’s deep talent pool of resources, including access to both our US and European teams.

With equity positions in a number of start-ups in (equity offered as part of or in lieu of technical services compensation) Bombsquad is planting the seeds for an exciting future.

Hosting by Bombsquad

Bombsquad has partnered with leading providers around the world to offer the best in hosting solutions for clients of any size, in any locale.

Bombsquad offers managed cloud solutions (public, private or hybrid), dedicated servers and combinations of both. In addition Bombsquad provides expert management and development services for many of today’s leading platforms such as Wordpress, WooCommerce, Magento and Shopify.

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Made on a sunny day in California.